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AkzoNobel at in-cosmetics 2015: to Highlight Rheology Modifiers, Hair Care Solutions & more
Time:April 10,2015    Clicks:601
At in-cosmetics 2015 Barcelona, Spain, AkzoNobel (Stand No. 6G40) will highlight key essential functionalities that enable formulators to create the finest personal care products. In addition, AkzoNobel experts will present Innovation Seminars on hybrid polymer technology for sustainable hair styling solutions and on advances in rheology control for personal care products.

“Our range of aesthetic modifiers, conditioning agents, rheology modifiers, film-formers, cleansing agents, emulsifiers and active ingredients provide manufacturers with easy-to-use and effective solutions for formulating innovative and more sustainable products,” said Georgete Pereira, Global Marketing Manager for Personal Care Applications. “We’re focused on helping our customers grow by providing them with key ingredients and insights that inspire new products for hair and skin care, setting the standard for performance and consumer appeal.”

During the event in Spain, AkzoNobel will be highlighting the following solutions from its portfolio of ingredients for personal care:

• Aesthetic Modifiers: DRY-FLO® aesthetic modifiers, based on naturally-derived starch technology, have oil adsorbing properties which help formulators create elegant and lightweight products that promise sensational sensory experiences.

• Conditioning Agents: “Our substantive conditioning agents enable formulators and manufacturers to develop luxurious-feeling rinse-out and leave-in personal care products,” said Pereira. “Our CELQUAT® polymers provide excellent conditioning and improved deposition of actives from rinse-off systems, while the ARMOCARE® VGH-70 and ARQUAD® PC quaternary surfactants offer superior wet and dry combing of hair with excellent sensory properties.”

• Film-Forming Polymers: AMPHOMER® polymers provide superior hold and humidity resistance performance in hair spray systems, regardless of VOC level, noted Melissa Vitale, Global Marketing Manager, Hair Styling. She said DERMACRYL® polymers give superior water resistance and SPF retention in sunscreens ranging from alcohol-based continuous sprays to alcohol-free emulsion systems. In addition, the new BIOSTYLE™ hybrid polymers offer excellent hair volume boosti

• Rheology Modifiers: AkzoNobel rheology modifiers thicken, suspend and stabilize formulations to create consumer-pleasing textures and aesthetics. The company offers a diverse product range of synthetic and naturally-derived materials that meet formulator needs. For example, the new BALANCE® RCF polymer provides excellent viscosity build with high clarity in the presence of surfactants, including sulfate-free systems.

Leading an Innovation Seminar, Richard Giles, AkzoNobel Technical Service & Development Manager for Personal Care and Hair Styling in EMEIA, will show how rheology modifiers optimize product application properties, stability, aesthetic properties and visual appeal. He will detail AkzoNobel’s range of rheology control ingredients including BALANCE® RCF and AMAZE™ XT polymers, and STRUCTURE® and ELFACOS® GT 282S rheology modifiers.

Amanda Nelson, Technical Service Engineer II, Hair Styling, will describe innovations in natural polymer modification that led to AkzoNobel’s development of BIOSTYLE™ CGP and BIOSTYLE™ XH polymers, based on maltodextrin hybrid technology.

These new hybrid polymers can be used to create clear styling products that have a more sustainable ingredient profile without compromising on performance characteristics or economics.

Innovation Seminar Presentations:

Title: “Hybrid Polymer Technology for Clear, Sustainable Hair Styling Solutions” by Amanda Nelson, Technical Service Engineer II, Hair Styling -- AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry, Bridgewater, New Jersey, U.S.
Date: April 16, 2015
Time: 2:10 p.m. to 2:40 p.m.
Location: Theatre 3

Title: “Advances in Rheology Control: New Options from AkzoNobel Personal Care” by: Richard Giles, Technical Service & Development Manager for Personal Care and Hair Styling in EMEIA --AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry AB, Stenungsund Sweden
Date: April 16, 2015
Time: 2:40 p.m. to 3:10 p.m.
Location: Theatre 2