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Merck Launches High-Quality Effect Pigments for Cosmetics Under its Umbrella Brand Suprima®
Time:January 26,2015    Clicks:329
Pigment manufacturer Merck announces the launch of Suprima®, a quality brand that groups several selected products under one umbrella.

What makes Suprima® different is that customers not only receive relevant quality guarantees, but also a comprehensive dossier which contains a wealth of evaluations, specifications and measurement data in a compact form.

This is of appreciable added value to customers. “With Suprima®, we are setting a new quality standard that perfectly meets the rising demands of our customers – particularly in the automotive and cosmetics industries,” explains Alexander Peters, Head of Global Marketing for decorative pigments within the Pigments & Functional Materials business unit at Merck KGaA. “The advantage of the dossier is that customers can access detailed regulatory and analytical data and in so doing obtain a competitive advantage in their own markets.” The new umbrella-brand concept is initially targeted at regulated markets such as cosmetics and coating applications.

Cosmetic manufacturers benefit from the high standards

For the cosmetic market, Merck KGaA is launching the Ronastar® Golden Jewel and Ronastar® Noble Sparks products under the Suprima® umbrella. Once again, three main factors differentiate these products from other brands. Firstly, Merck KGaA has set the highest purity standards with regard to the heavy metal content. Using tailored “full digestion” test methods, Suprima® products are examined in great detail. The resulting measurements relating to the twelve most relevant heavy metals are documented in the dossier. Secondly, Merck KGaA fully complies with the latest GMP standards of the European Federation for Cosmetic Ingredients (EFfCI) for cosmetic raw materials. The products manufactured at the Gernsheim (Germany) and Savannah (USA) production sites meet the stringent EFfCI requirements. Thirdly, the quality brand’s dossier contains comprehensive coloristic data, which makes it easier for customers to evaluate the effect pigments.

Merck KGaA is planning gradually to market additional high quality effect pigments under the Suprima® name. The umbrella brand represents the highest quality standards and is set to expand to specialist applications for example those that bring the product into contact with skin or with food products.