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A glance of IESD 2014 in China
Time:April 25,2014    Clicks:626
IESD China-the leading business-to-business surfactant and detergent trade show event in Asia.Exhibitors are presenting raw materials, latest products, solutions, technologies and applications. Strong international participation is confirmed by the presence of national and groups give you the global perspective on emerging trends.
IESD 2014 China opened from April 9 to April 12 in Shanghai. IESD is supported by industry-leading trade associations such as AOCS, Hong Kong Cosmetics Technology Resource Center, Hong Kong Society of Cosmetic Chemists and The Swiss Cosmetic and Detergent Association. IESD 2014 attracted a bigger crowd of visitors. There were 99 exhibitors from 14 countries to exhibit their new products launches and more than 130 booths. Special booth numbers, the quality of exhibitors were far more than the previous. According to the elementary stat, the total number of the professional audience registered was 9430 came from 27 countries and regions, which alongside the massive hike in attendance since the event was last held in Shanghai.

             Mr.WANG Wan-xu was being interviewed

The exhibition opening ceremony

                                           Exhibition hall